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4 Pack Boxed Set Jellyfish Colors Tall Collins Glasses
Salty Raven Glassware

4 Pack Boxed Set Jellyfish Colors Tall Collins Glasses

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My glassware sets are a take on the classic vintage mixed pack, updated with my own nature & scenic inspired silhouette art.
Updated by being Dishwasher & Microwave Safe, they are also replaceable, & with ever expanding options to add to your collection, are easy to combine with other sets.
The movement & constantly changing shape of jellyfish are mesmerizing to me, and their opalescent coloring makes them one of the most beautiful creatures under the sea. I chose the color pallet of this series to mimic the opalescent mix of colors that give me the feeling of jellyfish. They also coordinate perfectly with the rest of the Collins glass collection.
Original Art on printed Commercial Grade & Dishwasher safe on high quality glassware.
15oz ARC Aristocrat Cooler Glass.
Highest standard glass material.
Clear tall cylindrical shaped beverage glass.
Made in the U.S.A.
Packaged in reusable & recyclable cardboard boxes.

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