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Macarena Seastar Wine Glasses
Macarena Seastar Wine Glasses
Salty Raven Glassware

Macarena Seastar Wine Glasses

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My glassware sets are a take on the classic vintage mixed pack, updated with my own nature & scenic inspired silhouette art.
Updated by being Dishwasher & Microwave Safe, they are also replaceable, & with ever expanding options to add to your collection.
Dancing Sea Stars make everything better!
I live for low tide days, just to see my favorite under the sea tide pool friends. Sea Stars (starfish) are my favorite, their fabulous shapes & colors make them the jewels of the sea.
A Dishwasher Safe Art Glass, the perfect glass for wine, juice, as a rocks glass or whatever you choose.
6.75oz conique European wine glass. Size: 3.85" h x 2.275" diameter.
4 Pack comes in our Gift Box Packaging.
Dishwasher and Microwave safe glassware printed with my original artwork in Hillsboro, Oregon

Graphic: Black or Purple

6.75oz Conique European Wine Glass 3.85" H X 2.275" Diameter

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